University Leadership

David Black, Chancellor, VWU Global Campus (Japan)

Heather Campbell, Vice President for Enrollment

Kelly Cordova, Chief of Staff

Dr. Benjamin Dobrin, Dean, D. Henry Watts School of Professional Studies, Professor of Social Work

Dr. Steven Emmanuel, Dean, Susan S. Goode School of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Philosophy

John Groulx, Vice President for Finance

Lori Harris, Executive Assistant to the President

Andrea Hoover-Erbig, Executive Director for Intercollegiate Athletics

Dr. Susan Larkin, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of English

Dr. Travis Malone, Dean, Batten Honors College, Professor of Theatre

Dr. Loren Marquez, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of English

Dr. Scott Miller, President

Dr. Keith Moore, Senior Vice President

Sylvia Schelly, Associate Vice President for Finance

Antje Schwennicke, Dean, Birdsong School of Social Science

Anja Serby-Wilkens, Administrative Assistant to the President

Jason Seward, Associate Vice President for Campus Life and Operational Management

Dr. Victor Townsend, Kenneth R. Perry Dean, Joan P. Brock School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Professor of Biology