The Malbon Center for Technology

Keeping up with information technology is one of the most important strategic issues for higher education today. For students raised on the internet, for faculty who increasingly incorporate electronic technology into their pedagogy and advising, and for increased operational efficiency, a technological “edge” is synonymous with institutional competitiveness and success.

As part of strategic planning and in recognition of the importance of upgrading technology campus-wide, Virginia Wesleyan has benefited from recent gifts supporting IT updates. These have ranged from datacenter upgrades and increased internet bandwidth to streamlining of the “MyBeacon” portal and the launching of esports. All have contributed to improvements across the campus which will positively impact student recruitment and retention; financial management; and academic innovation. And all have derived from the leadership, strong interest, and active engagement of VWU Board Chair John Malbon.

The Malbon Center for Technology provides leadership and expertise in a broad range of technology. The center works collaboratively in support of teaching, learning, and administrative areas to enrich the community.