Evening and Weekend Program

Work. Kids. Family. Community.

We understand life doesn’t stop just so you can complete the college degree you’ve always wanted. This is why the Evening and Weekend Program at Virginia Wesleyan is designed specifically to meet the needs of busy adults whose work, family, community, or military commitments require flexible scheduling.

Want to sit face-to-face with your professor as she helps you understand statistics? Attend class on campus in the evening!

Want to take an online class because your schedule makes it hard to get to campus multiple times a week? You can do it!

The Evening and Weekend Program at Virginia Wesleyan offers the best of both worlds. Face-to-face classes when your schedule or the course topic brings you to campus, plus the ability to take online classes whenever you choose to do so. Each semester you create the schedule you need, based on your personal circumstances. Each semester it can be all campus classes, all online classes, or a combination of both.

Regardless of which format you choose; you’ll find courses taught by regular Virginia Wesleyan faculty. You’ll use the same textbooks, resources, and materials as our day program students. You can pursue your studies either full time or part time. You’ll earn a well-respected degree that opens the door to the future you dream of for yourself and your family.