Marlin $ Card

What are Marlin $?
The Marlin $ program is an optional debit account for use on campus. Students benefit from the flexibility, convenience and security of using their student ID card for purchases on campus in place of cash. Purchases are electronically deducted from the account and the remaining balance is displayed after each transaction.

Where can I use Marlin $?
Students may purchase items in the Scribner Bookstore, The Harbor Grill, Coastal Market and Boyd Dining Center with their ID card, or supplement bonus flex points on their meal plan. Credits for books or merchandise will be placed back into the account.

How do I enroll in the program?
To enroll in the Marlin $ program, complete the adjustment form, detach and mail with your check, or you can enroll when you arrive on campus. Students can open a “MARLIN $” account with a minimum of $50.00, and add on at any time during the semester.

How do I add funds?
Additional deposits can be made with cash, check, credit cards (Mastercard, VISA and Discover) or transfer of credit due to overpayment of financial aid from your student account.

Marlin $ Card form

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