Birdsong School of Social Science

In the diverse, complex society in which we live, study of the social sciences is invaluable to students’ understanding of human behavior and relationships. The fields of American studies, criminal justice, history, political science, psychology, and sociology are highly relevant for life and career preparation—especially as students take their places in a global society. At Virginia Wesleyan University, study and research through The Birdsong School of Social Science complement arts, humanities, and the natural sciences in exploring and evaluating the human experience, in answering questions that frame students’ research with faculty, and in fulfilling the University’s mission of service and outreach to the wider community. Students in the social sciences sharpen their powers of observation, analysis, and communication, seeking precise answers to complicated questions, and contributing to new knowledge for a challenging era. In recognition of this essential work that benefits all of society, Virginia Wesleyan University is proud to announce The Birdsong School of Social Science. The institution does so with recognition and deep appreciation for the contributions to the University throughout its history by Harvard R. Birdsong, a Charter Member of the Board of Trustees of the University; longtime Trustee, now Trustee Emeritus, from 1989 through the present day, George Y. and his wife Sue B. Birdsong; Thomas H. Birdsong, III, and his wife Jane; the Birdsong family; and the Birdsong Corporation.