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Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. Psychologists seek to describe, explain and optimize human behavior through a wide variety of scientific methodologies and a diverse array of theoretical frameworks. The study of psychology will address the development of the individual across the lifespan, including motivation, emotion, personality, and the ways that the individual makes sense of their social world. Psychology is, fundamentally, the science of being human.

About The Program

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and its historical relationship to philosophy and biology, psychology is well suited as a major for students seeking a diversified education that will advance their understanding of themselves and others. Students desiring to enter a specialty field of professional psychology that requires a master's or doctoral degree will find that the undergradu­ ate curriculum provides thorough preparation for graduate study.

Major: Psychology (BA)
Minor: Psychology

Program Chair: Dr. Taryn A. Myers
College: Birdsong School of Social Science

Students who are considering the psychology major should work closely with their academic advisers in selecting general studies and elective courses that will provide them with necessary background knowledge. Courses in the humani­ ties and the natural sciences are particularly appropriate. To complete the requirements of the psychology major, students are encouraged to pursue independent studies and research under a faculty mentor.

Students planning to enter schools of medicine, dentistry, or other healthcare fields after college can major in psychology and still have time to take essential courses in the natural sciences. Practitioners who can consider the psychological factors that contribute to their patients’ complaints and reactions to treatment often find that having this perspective improves their diagnostic and therapeutic effectiveness. The University’s pre-medical advisor can describe how this curricular integration can be achieved through careful planning.

As part of our capstone experience, all psychology majors work one-on-one with a faculty member to design an independent research study, collect real data and present their results.

Psychology majors have the option of work­ ing independently in an agency, organization, department, or other applied setting that allows for hands-on application of concepts and skills developed during their coursework in psychology. Students meet together weekly to process their experiences and complete integrative final projects regarding their experiences at the end of the semester.

A degree in psychology from Virginia Wesleyan can take one very far. Many of our graduates have continued their education, obtaining professional degrees in law, business and education, as well as scientific and applied fields of psychology.

Psychology majors seeking employment immediately after graduation have found themselves well-positioned for a variety of careers.