Academic Profile

The Learning Center

Located on the second floor of Clarke Hall, the Learning Center houses staff, services, and support for students’ academic success, including subject tutoring, the Writing and Speaking Studio, Academic Advising, and Disability Services.

Subject Tutoring

Individual and group tutoring is available for most subjects and courses. Subject Tutors are student peers who have excelled in the courses they tutor and who have been hired for their knowledge and ability to explain relevant concepts to others. Subject tutoring is available during fall and spring semesters. Additionally, VWU has partnered with Smarthinking, a company that provides 24/7 online subject and writing tutoring throughout the year.

Writing Studio and Speaking Studio

Writing Consultants and Student Peer Writing Tutors are available to help students at any stage in the writing process with any writing assignment.  Consultants are professionals with graduate degrees who are often adjunct faculty at VWU. Peer Writing Tutors are Student Writers who have been trained in best theories and practices of Writing and who have been nominated by their professors for their writing acumen. Writing Consultants and Student Peer Writing Tutors are trained to help students on any writing task to help them develop their writing skills and hone their individual writing process. The Writing Studio also staffs a workstation in Hofheimer Library for additional tutoring opportunities. The Speaking Studio is a space where students can work with a professional Public Speaking Coach to practice their presentation skills, record speeches digitally, and receive coaching to improve their speaking skills and help build confidence. The Speaking Studio is available for both individual and group use.

Academic Advising

The advising system at Virginia Wesleyan University fosters the growth of strong relationships between students, staff, and faculty, enabling student success through intentional connections with people, academic programs, and processes of the University. The academic advising system supports academic planning, retention, and professional growth as students work toward a timely graduation and pursue life and career goals.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Virginia Wesleyan recognizes and is sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities. In keeping with the Americans with Disability Act (and its revised version) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the University provides academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities through the Disability Services Office. Disability Services Specialist Crit Muniz works with students to verify documentation, determine eligibility for accommodations, evaluate students’ needs, help to arrange accommodations, and encourage communication between students and instructors. Students who want to receive accommodations are required to disclose their disability to the Disability Services staff and provide documentation of their disability. Students may contact Disability Services at (757) 455-8898 or arrange an appointment to begin the process of receiving Disability Services.

Hofheimer Library

The library is at the heart of the Virginia Wesleyan campus. Located centrally—only a short walk from classrooms, residence halls, fitness and dining facilities—it provides the highest quality resources and services to meet the research and information needs of students, faculty, and staff. The library boasts over 400,000 books and eBooks, movies, a 3-D printer and other media and resources. Virginia Wesleyan students and faculty can access online scholarly journals and electronic books through the library’s website from both on and off campus.
In partnering with classroom faculty, librarians are innovative and active participants in course and assignment design. Librarians are available to help students navigate the complexities of research and friendly staff assist students with using the library and its services. Students can get assistance in person in the library or via phone, email, or virtual appointment.

The library provides a place for studying, reading, relaxing, attending workshops, and meeting classmates for group work as well as providing a virtual space that provides 24/7 access to web-based resources and services to enhance teaching and learning for the campus community including online students.