Choral/Vocal Music at VWU

Choral Music

Choral/Vocal Music at VWUThe Choirs at Virginia Wesleyan make a place for anyone who wants to make music, regardless of their skill level. The Wesleyan Choirs have a long tradition of high quality performances, including performances across the Eastern Seaboard, Carnegie Hall, and throughout Hampton Roads. The choirs perform a variety of music from all styles and genres, as well as several world premieres by composers such as Timothy Takach, Paul Carey, and Andrew Maxfield. Come join the Choirs and find your home at Virginia Wesleyan!


Bravura is an open-enrollment choir that offers first-year students and non-majors a venue to sing quality choral music from a variety of styles and genres while they develop their skills as a singer and as a musician. The choir performs once per semester and engages in service learning opportunities as part of their performances. No audition necessary.


Camerata is an auditioned ensemble of 30-40 singers (first-year students-seniors) that sing repertoire from the standard choral canon, including major works with orchestral accompaniment. As the flagship ensemble of Virginia Wesleyan, this choir tours regularly. Students must be enrolled in Bravura or have already taken it for one year. Audition required.

Vox Vera

Vox Vera is the top chamber ensemble in the Virginia Wesleyan Choirs program for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. An auditioned mixed choir of 12-16 singers, the choir singers entirely unaccompanied music from a variety of styles and genres, including a capella, jazz, and contemporary music. This ensemble will participate in regional and national tours along with Camerata. Members of Vox Vera must pass an audition and sing in Camerata.


You may audition for the choral ensembles, instrumental ensembles, and/or audition for the music major during Marlins Day Open House.