Major Requirements

Major: Allied Health Studies (BA)

The Major in Allied Health leading to a B.A. comprises a curriculum that combines foundational biological and chemical knowledge with a variety of applied topics including social work, psychology, recreational therapy and sociology.  The major prepares students for a variety of allied health professions and meets most of the prerequisites for graduate work in entry-level master’s in nursing, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, physical therapy assistance, radiation therapy, health educator and more. 

Course Number and Title

Sem. Hrs.

BIO 201 Microbiology

4 credits

BIO 202 Human Nutrition 4 credits
BIO 221: Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 credits
BIO 222: Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4 credits

One of the following:
CHEM 120: Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 130: Chemistry of Health Sciences

4 credits

MATH 210 Introductory Statistics

4 credits

SOC 351 Medical Sociology

4 credits

PHIL 321: Ethics and Healthcare

4 credits

AHS 300 Principles of Public Health 

4 credits

AHS 470 Internship in Allied Health 4 credits

Upper Level Course in Social and Behavioral Sciences
Select two of the following:

PSY 354: Clinical Psychology
PSY 355: Theories of Personality
PSY 385: Psychology of Eating Disorders
RT 217 Disability as Diversity
RT 310 Physical & Neurological Conditions
RT 311: Recreational Therapy: Mental Health Conditions
SW 307 Death, Dying, Loss and Grief
SW 336: Lifespan Development and Behavior
SW 384: Drugs of Abuse
SW 385: Substance Abuse & Chemical Dependency

8 credits


48 credits