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Marlin to Marlin Mentoring Program

Marlin Mentoring Program

About the Program

The Marlin to Marlin Mentoring Program is designed to cultivate meaningful mentor/mentee relationships between alumni who have completed immersive internships, study away (both faculty-led courses and semester abroad), and/or research projects and current students in the various planning phases of building a pathway to an immersive experience. The mentoring relationships are meant to provide support and guidance to current students and foster productive conversations about planning, preparation, and participation in an experiential learning experience.

Program Goals

The Marlin to Marlin Mentoring Program aims to:

  1. Facilitate the connection of alumni to current students to support the exploration of and participation in experiential learning.
  2. Provide a forum for open, professional communication to foster confidence in students to participate in and complete an internship, global engagement, or \research experience.
  3. Allow alumni to reflect on their experiences, share their story, and the impact completion of an internship, study away, and/or research experience had on their professional, civic, and personal lives.
  4. Engage alumni and students in discussion about professional development, navigating life after graduation, and networking.
  5. Permit alumni to donate time and service as an investment in the academic development of current students.

Program Benefits

The Marlin to Marlin Mentoring Program will offer alumni a meaningful opportunity to engage with current students to help develop pathways to immersive experiences in internships, study away, and undergraduate research. Current students will be able to receive advice from graduates who were once navigating the same obstacles to completion of experiential learning. The program is designed to build connections, foster discussion, and benefit both alumni and current students.

Who can be a Marlin Mentor?

Alumni from any year of graduation are encouraged to participate. To become a mentor, simply fill out the Volunteer Form and select "Marlin to Marlin Mentoring Program." Someone from the Office of Alumni Relations will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Who can be a Marlin Mentee?

Any current undergraduate student may participate in the program. Interested students may email any member of The Lighthouse staff to express interest. The director of Career Development will then build the connection between the student and the mentor.

Please email career development, with any questions.