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Major in English

In today’s information-based society, the ability to use and analyze the spoken and written word has become critically important. English courses teach the skills of critical thinking, writing, and research, as well as the historical and theoretical frameworks through which literature can be read. As such, courses in English are valuable not only to those students majoring in English but also to any student, regardless of major, who plans to enter a professional field in the 21st century.

About The Program

The Department of English offers students a range of courses in English language, writing, and literature, focusing on the development of skills in independent inquiry and analysis, and training in literary and rhetorical traditions. This program is designed to deepen students’ appreciation of language and literature, and prepare them to become astute analysts of culture and sophisticated writers.

Major: English (BA)

Chair: Mr. Gavin Pate
School: Susan S. Goode School of Arts And Humanities

Why Study at VWU?

English majors have many opportunities for intern­ ships. In recent years, our majors have completed internships with such organizations as the Space and Naval Warfare Command, the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, and the Marine Science Museum. As the culmination of the major, each VWU English major completes a senior capstone project based on that student’s interests and passions. This extensive independent research or creative writing project allows each of our students to demonstrate their mastery of the skills needed to succeed after college. In addition to semester abroad programs, the department also offers a number of study away classes. Most recently, professors have taught classes traveling to Ireland, New York City, and Paris and Normandy. VWU offers substantial grants to help students take advantage of these opportunities.

Students who major in English develop the skills and flexibility that are increasingly necessary in today’s workplace. Studying English helps prepare students for a variety of careers in business, industry, and government, as well as for careers focused more specifically on the use of language, such as writing, publishing, journalism, law, ministry, and teaching, and for graduate study.