Student Government Association

Student Government Association is the liaison between the student body and the University administration. SGA hosts activities that benefit the entire campus community such as Student Forums, the Homecoming Parade, Senior Week Activities, and Pub 'n Club.

Executive Board

President: Taylor Major
Vice President: Nick Peterson
Secretary: Isaac Guzman
Treasurer: Vacant
Special Events Coordinator: Maya Davis

Senior Class

President: Danielle Davis
Vice President: Tiara Cuffee
Fundraising Officer: Izania Inman

Junior Class

President: Eric Fisher
Vice President: Dazjae Johnson
Finance Officer: Jordan Wiggins

Sophomore Class

President: Landry Moffo
Vice President: Grant Morgan
Finance Officer: Elijah Brown
Fundraising Officer: Adela Huezo

Freshman Class

President: TBA
Vice President: TBA
Fundraising Officer: TBA