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Commencement 2019

Women’s and Gender Studies Courses

WGS 100 Study Abroad (3)

WGS 219 Women in Culture and Society (4) (S)

Students examine conflicting definitions of gender in the contemporary U.S., analyzing general patterns and the impact of gender definitions on their own lives. Differences in the definitions of womanhood and manhood are discussed, along with the variety of women's experiences and perspectives. Ideas about gender are contrasted with the real-life situations of women and men in our society. Emphasizes the opportunities and difficulties that women of differing races and classes encounter in today's society. Identical to SOC 219. Offered each fall.

WGS 319 Feminist and Gender Theory (4) (W)

Examines contemporary arguments about the nature of women and men and the biological, social, and aesthetic categories of male, female, intersex, masculine, feminine, heterosexual, homosexual, and transgendered. Gender issues are studied in relation to historical and cross-cultural contexts, in relation to Western women's movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, and in relation to local and global issues affected by the politics of gender. Prerequisites: ENG 105 with a grade of C or higher; WGS/SOC 219, WGS 220, or ENG 311 (formerly ENG/TH 311); or consent. Identical to ENG 319 and WGS 319. Offered spring of odd-numbered years.

WGS 430 Women's Studies/Gender Studies Seminar (4) (I)

An examination of current issues pertinent to women and gender. Students will be exposed to a variety of feminist, gender, and cultural theories. Topics vary from semester to semester. Recent topics include "Violence, Non-Violence, and the Body," "Gender Trouble," and the "The Female Athlete." Prerequisites: WGS 219 or WGS 319 and junior or senior status or consent. Identical to SOC 430. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Offered spring of odd-numbered years.