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Major in Theatre

From its origins to the present, theatre has been one of the most profound and inclusive modes of human expression in all its glory and despair. Theatre artists practice, create, and engage audiences with performances built on collaboration, creativity, artistic discipline, and intellectual rigor. The result is a mode of expression that simultaneously celebrates the living human experience but also the potential for social and personal change.

About The Program

The theatre major at Virginia Wesleyan University is a creative yet challenging educational program. On stage, backstage, and in the classroom, theatre students gain experience in all aspects of theatre. Majors and minors will encounter practical, theoretical, and critical perspectives on theatriĀ­ cal performance, production, theatre history, and dramatic literature from Ancient Greece to the present. Students have the opportunity to study abroad, either for a travel course or for an entire semester. The multi-faceted nature of the program covers a variety of specialties that assists graduates in adapting to an exciting and fast- paced profession.

Majors: Theatre (BA), Theatre with Teacher Certification in Theatre Arts (PreK-12)

Chair: Dr. Travis Malone
School: Susan S. Goode School of Arts And Humanities

Students majoring in theatre will gain practical skills in performance, research, collaboration, and communication. The theatre major requires students to complete 11 courses in specified coursework and electives. While the major contains a breadth of coursework, students can use the major electives to deepen their skills in any of the theatre arts. The department also offers the Pre-K-12 Teacher Endorsement in Theatre Arts Education. The skills gained in a theatre major can also complement other majors on campus. Students from across the campus have been successful using the skills they acquire in the major or the minor to enhance their employment prospects.

Through the Senior Capstone Experience, theatre majors complete advanced creative and scholarly work to prepare them for future employment in the field or graduate school. The faculty meets with theatre majors during the sophomore year to conduct Sophomore Assessment Meetings where faculty work individually with each major to ensure that their ongoing courseĀ­ work and production work is developing the skills the student needs to successfully complete the capstone. Students can fulfill their capstones by assuming leading roles in projects such as directing a full-length play, presenting an acting recital, designing for a mainstage production, or completing an off-campus internship.

The experiential knowledge and skills gained in the theatre program are highly marketable and adaptable to the changing nature of the theatre and entertainment industry. Our graduates have been highly successful in their pursuit of advanced degrees in the field and they can be found performing professionally onstage and backstage across the country.

From student-directed one-act plays to Shakespeare, the presentation of live theatre productions is an essential component of the theatre major at Virginia Wesleyan.

Fall One-Act Play Festival

VWU Theatre students produce and direct a variety of plays from thought-provoking dramas to side-splitting comedies.