Norfolk Forum

Students from the Batten Honors College joined Dean Travis Malone at the opening of the Norfolk Forum’s 90th Season. Rick Steves shared thoughts and stories curated from his career in travel and global education.

As a sponsor of the Norfolk Forum, the BHC offers opportunities for students to hear from world leaders and professionals in their frields.  Founded in 1933, the Norfolk Forum is one of the nation’s oldest continuous public lecture series. In the more than 80 years since, the Forum has hosted a diverse slate of internationally known and eminent figures that speak to current cultural, literary, and governmental issues. Margaret Thatcher, Coretta Scott King, President George H.W. Bush, Dave Barry, Queen Noor, Bob Woodward, Walter Cronkite, and Jane Goodall are a few of the many esteemed individuals to be featured as part of the Forum.

Each year, the BHC chooses students to attend each of the four lectures offered as part of the Norfolk Forum. Students are chosen for this special opportunity through a competitive process overseen by the Dean of the BHC.