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Comprehensive Liberal Studies - Curricular Emphasis

About The Program

It is recommended that students seeking teacher licensure with endorsement in Elementary Education (preK-6) or Special Education: General Curriculum (K-12) complete a major that reflects the interdisciplinary and interdependent nature of the liberal arts. The Comprehensive Liberal Studies major allows licensure candidates in the above areas to pursue studies in the University's three academic schools while meeting the competencies of teachers recommended in the Virginia Board of Education's Regulations Governing the Review and Approval of Education Programs in Virginia. A 2.5 GPA in the major is required for recommen dation for licensure. Students seeking licensure with an endorsement in elementary or special education must also complete the professional education coursework outlined in the Education section of the VWU Catalog.

A student wishing to declare the CLS major must file a Declaration of Major form with the Office of the Registrar at least two semesters before graduation, summer not counting as a semester. In addition, a contract outlining the plan of study must be worked out in close consultation with an academic advisor, who may be a full-time faculty member from any one of the three academic divisions. This contract must include (1) a list of the courses the student plans to take and include in the proposed CLS major; and (2) an essay explaining the student's goals and reasons for choosing the CLS major and articulating a unifying theme that will define and give clear direction to the major; and (3) a statement identifying courses that will be used to fulfill the university's requirements for oral communication competence computer proficiency and showing how those courses will fulfill these requirements.

The contract must be approved by the student's faculty advisor and by the Director of the CLS major, who sign the completed contract, which is kept on file by the advisor. The contract may be renegotiated if the courses listed become unavailable, but any changes must be approved by the student, the advisor and the CLS director.

Finally, students completing the CLS course of study are required to write a reflective essay, to be composed and approved by the CLS director during the final semester of attendance at VWU. The essay will review the goals and unifying intellectual theme of the major as stated in the declaration essay and will explore in some detail how the goals and themes of the major have been realized.

Leads to endorsement in: Elementary Education (preK-6) or Special Education: General Curriculum (K-12)
Chair: Malcolm Lively