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Program Description

The Batten Honors College of Virginia Wesleyan University explores diverse disciplines from the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences through an interdisciplinary and thematic curriculum that educates and graduates lifelong learners interested in shaping the future and taking action to improve the world.

The Batten Honors College curriculum encourages independent thinking and self-discovery while challenging students to view the world from multiple perspectives and to integrate theory and practice.  Students will gain a broader perspective and think critically about the problems we face today recognizing that solutions to contemporary issues require disciplinary expertise as well as innovation, collaboration, and an interdisciplinary framework.

Student experiences in the Honors curriculum will range from small, seminar-style courses to a faculty-led intensive, immersive global experience.  The interdisciplinary seminars will include lectures and group discussions led by faculty from two or more disciplines. Students will develop analytical, leadership, collaboration, and communication skills within their learning community through the Honors courses and experiential learning opportunities that include study away, research or internship, and service projects at home or around the globe.