Undergraduate Research

VWU alumnus Julie Spivey '13 (History) uses her research skills to examine German POWs in Virginia Beach during the Second World War. Read about her research.

Research — It's not just for graduate students!

At Virginia Wesleyan University, students engage in research! Every year 45% of our seniors undertake the challenging task of producing original research. Student researchers are active collecting samples, visiting archives, conducting surveys and experiments, poring over 

At Virginia Wesleyan University, students from all across the disciplines engage in independent research. From Criminal Justice to Classical Studies, most academic departments provide research opportunities. Majors such as Biology, English, History, Political Science, and Psychology require students to conduct research as the capstone experience of the program. In addition, students aiming to graduate summa cum laude complete research projects as part of the Latin Honors requirement. All along the way, student-researchers are supported and guided by dedicated faculty mentors.